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Made to Play: How the Outdoors Affects Preschool Learning

Made to Play: How the Outdoors Affects Preschool Learning at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

The beauty of nature has more benefits than you might imagine. Did you know that playing outdoors can help improve your preschooler’s academics, behavior, and mental health? Check out these four ways that the outdoors affects your child’s learning.

Playing outside increases memory retention as the brain is refreshed by the sun from overstimulation from media and technology. Research has shown that kids with the least exposure to media have the highest grades. Why is this? Our bodies were made to be active, and explore the world, not to sit and consume media all day. 

Kids have better mental and emotional health when they are allowed to play outdoors. The vitamin and minerals from nature provides children with micronutrients that they need to stay healthy. Go outside and rake some leaves, build a sand castle in the sandbox, or run around and play freeze tag with your little ones to help improve their mental and emotional health. 

Playing outside also builds more active imaginations since kids can make up games and activities to play instead of following a set of pre-established rules. Encourage them to make toys out of things that they find outside instead of relying on real toys. Get their imaginations flowing!

Finally, kids have more self-reliance and confidence in themselves when they see what they are capable of producing on their own. After they’ve raked a whole pile of leaves on their own, or built a play fort all from their own imagination, they begin to see that they are capable of so much more than they thought. 

In 2020, make it a point to send your little ones outside as much as possible for the good of their physical and mental health, their grades, and their big imaginations.

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