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Teaching Preschoolers to Handle Big Emotions

Teaching Preschoolers to Handle Big Emotions at Kids 'R' Kids Tomball, preschool, daycare, childcare

Emotions are intertwined in our daily lives. For a preschooler, emotions can be a challenging area of growth. These abstract feelings are often difficult to teach. However, there are some ways to help your preschooler learn to handle big emotions. 


Potentially, the best way to help your preschooler develop and express emotions is through play. It is a natural way that preschoolers intuitively learn. It provides him with a chance to practice different emotions. Playing is very versatile, as she can do it alone or with others, such as parents, siblings, or friends. There are even multiple options in what form of play is used. Painting, dress-up, pretend play, and reading are just a few kinds of play one could use.

Encouraging Empathy

It is developmentally important for a preschooler to learn empathy. When she shares or refuses to share with her sister, you can help her see how happy or disappointed her action made her sister feel. Talk about how she would feel if she had been on the receiving end. Empathy is key in creating and growing strong relationships.


Preschoolers are constantly watching how you handle different situations. Through your modeling, you are teaching her how to respond. It is impossible to handle each situation correctly. 

Applauding articulation

As your preschooler develops and grows, applaud him when he is able to articulate his feelings! Cheering him when he is successful will reinforce appropriate and healthy expression. Praise is an essential catalyst for growth.  

Through providing the scaffolding for a preschooler to begin to understand big emotions, you are helping to provide her with tools to resolve conflict, engage with others, self-calm, and the ability to express herself. It lays the foundation for resiliency and promotes healthy relationships with friends and classmates. 

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