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How Playing Outside Helps Preschoolers Learn Inside

How Playing Outside Helps Preschoolers Learn Inside at Kids 'r' Kids Tomball, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

One of the best ways to improve your preschooler’s learning experience is to provide more outdoor playtime. Research has shown that there are overwhelming benefits to more time outdoors.

Kids are more environmentally conscious when they play outside because they can see the real world and engage in nature. They can see the bees and flowers and understand that pollution damages these beautiful parts of nature. Of course they could learn about it in a book, but seeing the real thing will stick with them better than words from a book.

Better behavior is achieved when kids have had the opportunity to run around and put all of their energy to good use. Sitting still for long periods of time is next to impossible for little ones, so let them run, play, swing, and slide!

Interestingly enough, kids even have better communication skills after playing outside because their brains are refreshed and not overwhelmed. They have a better understanding of what they want when their minds are calm and free from overstimulation that can be caused by too much media time. They also have improved memory and better retention when receiving adequate outdoor time. Better communication and memory means better grades!

There are many more ways in which outdoor play benefits children. These include not only educational areas, but also with mental health and emotional stability. Do your little one a favor and send them to the backyard to play and explore the big world.

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