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Time is like a river, ever-flowing and never-ending. But how do we explain this ephemeral concept to our inquisitive preschoolers? Let’s dive into some strategies:

1. Nature’s Clock:

The rising sun and the setting moon are nature’s way of showing time. Make it a ritual – greet the morning sun and bid the evening stars goodbye. The regularity makes the concept stick.

2. Story Hours:

Designate specific times for stories. “At 3 o’clock, we’ll read about dragons.” Soon, they’ll look forward to these hourly delights.

3. DIY Paper Clocks:

Craft a clock using paper plates, moving hands, and colorful numbers. Let your child adjust the clock as different activities come up during the day.

4. Duration Games:

Use phrases like ‘in a minute’ or ‘for two minutes’ and engage in fun activities like jumping or singing for that duration. This way, they start understanding time length in a tangible manner.

5. Seasons and Calendars:

Introduce seasons and how they change. A pictorial calendar where they can place stickers on special days or festivals can provide a broader sense of time.


Understanding time is crucial for developing a sense of routine, patience, and anticipation. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we blend creativity with learning, ensuring concepts like time are grasped joyfully. As the seconds tick by, witness the wonder in your child’s eyes grow. Here’s to timeless moments and timely lessons!

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