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Teaching Your Preschooler How to Be a Good Friend

Teaching Your Preschooler How to Be a Good Friend at Kids 'R' Kids Suwanee, preschool, daycare, childcare

Social skills are very important to instill in preschoolers—they are spending hours of their days around other children and have many opportunities to learn and play together. Here are some tips for teaching your preschooler how to be a good friend.


A huge step for children when making new friends is learning how to share. If you’re supervising a play date or if your little one has siblings, encourage your child to share his toy or game. Once he realizes how much fun he can have with others when he offers to share, your child may start doing this all on his own.

Taking turns

Along with sharing comes taking turns—it’s all about learning how to think of others at this age. Many children also need prompting when it comes to this task. Merely remind your child that taking turns is a necessity for continuing his game, especially if he gets fussy or stubborn.

Asking what others want to do

Having your child ask certain questions like “What do you want to play now?” is sure to teach him all about being a good friend to his classmates. Being willing to do something else and engaging in what other children want to do also teaches him to think of others and opens up doors to new experiences.

Saying sorry

Teach your child that good friends apologize if they’ve made a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings. It’s never too early to teach your child how to make a proper apology and take responsibility for his actions, especially when it comes to his friends. 

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