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Fun Art Ideas with Preschool Children

Fun Art Ideas with Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, daycare, childcare

Art is an expression of our thoughts and emotions onto a canvas for all to see. Let your preschooler create their art, and express themselves through the process. Provide the tools they need, and let them create! Here are some suggestions that you can make to help your little artist flourish. 

Self-portrait of your preschooler

Give your preschooler a mirror, pencil, crayons, and paper, and tell them to draw themselves. You will be interested to see what your child thinks of himself. You can see it through the colors he chooses, the facial expression that he gives himself, and the background that he puts himself into!

Learn about famous artists online.

The best way to learn art is to study the professionals. Let your little one see art from all eras and ask them what they think the artist wanted to say with their piece of art. Show them Picasso, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and the other greats. They will become familiar with each of their styles from a young age.

Let your preschooler watercolor and discover invisible letters.

Grab some watercolor paper, a white crayon, and draw some simple pictures. The crayon won’t be visible, but that’s okay! Once the picture is drawn, use watercolor paints to cover the page. The watercolor will show the white crayon, and the secret picture will be revealed!

Write your preschooler’s name with stickers.

Teacher your preschooler to spell her name with paper and stickers! Get a large piece of paper, and write her name in a simple font with a pencil. Let your little one put stickers all along the lines to reveal her name. Find adorable stickers in the sticker section of your local craft store. Let your little one pick her favorite ones, and she will learn how to write and spell her name in no time!

Preschoolers learn mainly from watching other people do things, so get down on the floor with your child, and create alongside them! They will watch you and pick up on the way that you hold your pencil and paintbrush and learn faster. Make art together and have a blast!

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