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Playing in the Water with Preschoolers

Playing in the Water with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, childcare, daycare

Summertime means time for swimming, sunscreen, watermelon, and baseball. Spend time with family through these summer months, and grow a little closer through summer activities together. Whether your family likes to live at the pool, or just likes to stop by on the weekends, check out these tips to make summer safer and more fun.

Remember sunscreen for your preschooler.

Preschoolers really don’t like waiting on sunscreen once they have reached the pool. Everyone is so excited and pumped to go swimming, and then when mom or dad makes everyone put on sunscreen before the first cannonball, it kills the excitement. Instead, you could try putting on the sunscreen at home to make sure the sunscreen is applied thoroughly. Remember to reapply every hour for maximum protection!

Playing in the water with your preschooler is safer and more fun for your child.

Flotation devices are great, and they serve their purpose of providing support to your little one while they’re in the water, but nothing can replace the face-to-face supervision of a parent in the water. Hop into the pool with your little one and swim together! Bring arm floaties for those beginning to learn to swim, or add pool noodles to the mix for a ton of fun.

Build a mini waterslide with your preschooler.

Mini water slides are easy to make, and very exciting. All you need is a little bit of lawn, a plastic tarp, dish soap, and a running water hose to get started. Remove all the rocks and other hard or sharp objects from the yard, lay out the tarp, pour the dish soap all over the tarp, let the water start flowing, and slide like an otter! Waterslides work best when placed on a slight slope so the soap, water, and child can all slide well.

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