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Teaching Children About Sports

Teaching Children About Sports at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, daycare, childcare

Summertime is almost here, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all those outdoor activities! Stretch your legs, go for a jog, and try some of these fun sports ideas with your preschool children.


All you need for hopscotch is chalk and a sidewalk. Draw your favorite hopscotch diagram and let your little one color them in. You can make this into a two-part activity! Let her get creative and soak in the sunshine as she numbers the shapes on the sidewalk. All that’s left is to get hopping!


Kickball is the perfect combination of soccer and baseball that is so much fun for little ones to participate in. Just use a soccer ball and set up the bases, and you are ready for some fun! (Baseball and kickball have the same rules.) Kick the ball, run for the bases, and dodge the ball to avoid being tagged out!

Jumping Rope 

Jumping rope may be a little more difficult for younger children, but it’s a great way to help them to begin learning how to jump, anticipate the rope, and judge when they should begin jumping. As they get older and into more intense sports, timing and anticipation are a huge part of it! Jumping rope is the perfect way to build up those skills while still having a ton of fun too! Be sure to keep a careful eye on any young children playing with rope!

These are just a few fun ideas, but there’s always the basic sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball that you can tailor to a preschool-aged skill level. Dribbling the basketball and swinging a baseball bat are great hand-eye coordination activities that can be used to learn and have fun at the same time.

Whatever activity you try out, just remember to have fun and soak up the sun!

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