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Creative Family Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Creative Family Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions. This year, make your resolutions as a family using these creative ideas.

Go outside more. 

Think of twelve different ways you can spend time outside, one for each month. Do this planning together as a family. Let each person add something fun they want to do outdoors and schedule which month will be that activity. It is easier to do an outdoor activity you don’t enjoy much when you know your favorite outdoor activity is coming next month. Have each person share their activity and demonstrate what skills are necessary to enjoy it. Check out your local library or community center for ideas on activities happening near you.

Social Media Shut Downs. 

Family time has become over-consumed with social devices. Choose a specific time each week to shut down your social media together and instead try a new family activity: cooking an ethnic dish together, watching a family movie, or reading together. The time away from the screens with give your child’s brain a break and will increase their ability to rest.

Family Fitness. 

Staying healthy as a family is an excellent goal to both increase your child’s immunity as well as show them that taking care of their physical health is important. One way to add family fitness is to set a group goal you try to reach as a family team. For example, find out how far it is across your city and see if you can walk that amount of steps in a month. Take the number of everyone’s daily steps each evening at dinner and add the number to a chart on the wall or chart your families distance across a map of your city. Find the distance to your summer vacation or to your grandma’s house and as your steps increase each day, so does the calendar counting down until you visit grandma or your favorite summer vacation spot.

Even if your family chooses different resolutions, share them with each other to encourage one another throughout the months. Let your children know that setting good habits regularly is important.

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