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Extra Curricular


Health and Fitness – We understand the importance of health and physical activities for infants, toddlers,and preschool children. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions which is largely due to the convenience of fast food and the advances of technology. That’s why we include the Kids ‘R’ Kids Health and Fitness Challenge to enhance our First Class CurriculumÔfor children. This fun Health and Fitness Program includes learning about the importance of fair play, physical well-being, and team cooperation. We also provide tools for children to learn how to make healthy and nutritious food choices. Your child will learn valuable information about the food pyramid, healthy bodies, physical fitness, and family-style dining.

Spanish – The early childhood years are the best time to learn a second language because your child’s brain is designed to learn multiple languages! That’s why we teach children how to celebrate diversity through foreign languages skills and communication.

Dance – Provided by gym Station. Personal expression through music and dance is a joy for preschool children. With choreographed movement and free interpretation, children at Kids ‘R’ Kids enjoy increased self-expression and performing for loved ones. These fun and valuable experiences lead to an increased sense of accomplishment!

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Music – The Kids ‘R’ Kids music program will expose your child to a variety of musical styles and techniques. Music is also an excellent tool for awakening your child’s inner abilities and enhancing brain development. In our Music Program, your child will enjoy not only playing music and singing activities, but also composing his own musical masterpiece!

Fitness Class-an enhancement to gross motor skills learned in the classroom.  Weekly classes (included in your tuition) demonstrate age appropriate skills similar to a physical education program in elementary school.

HATCH Smartboard- Similar to the technology used today in Elementary Schools, yet software that is tailored to pre-school.

Computers – We are committed to providing the latest in electronic lessons and games to help your child be prepared for a technological future. Our computer classes support the educational commitment and themes needed in society and taught later in school.

Robotics Club– Provided by American Robotics Academy every Monday afternoon from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

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Sports  – Sports Adventures Provided by Gym Station. Please visit the link for more information.

Each of our Special Programs are carefully designed to give your child an experience that goes far beyond a normal daycare or childcare. Proudly serving the Spring and Klien area! We invite you to contact us, take a tour of our Learning Academy and find out more about these dynamic programs. Kids ‘R’ Kids – Smart Choice. Smarter Child.®