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An impressive, impactful and FUN segue between the demands of school and the comforts of home


The sounds of kids laughing and playing are the sounds of kids learning at Kids ‘R’ Kids. In our program for school age children, your child can build upon their education outside of school by participating in various clubs and activities that challenge them in fun new ways! Your child will learn more and grow more by making new friends and learning new concepts every day.

VIDEO: The robust school age program where great things happen everyday
Defining their greatness

We happen to believe that kids are pretty great to begin with

Our before and after school program, holiday breaks and summer camps are designed to help kids dig a little deeper and find those ambitions, traits and talents that will help them define their personal greatness.

From fun character-building and STEAM-based activities to social interactions with real staying power, our G.Y.M curriculum® is ideal for “Growing Young Minds” – providing your child with the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality.

From bus buddies to best buddies…

They go together like peanut butter and jelly…

Social development is an important part of the role we play in your child’s life. Whether before-and-after school or during one of our camps, our program gives kids a chance to interact in a fun, stress-free and collaborative environment. Memory making occurs here daily as kids share experiences, and laughter is sure to erupt during action-packed activities.

Further connections continue during summer camp, field trips or even on the bus ride to and from elementary schools back to our facility. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we’ve witnessed countless friendships take shape and flourish.

Exploring unchartered territories… discovering hidden talents

Kids try new things as they gain confidence

Forming friendships and tackling challenges together are only part of the equation to becoming more confident. Opportunity and encouragement play major roles, too. That’s why our engaged teachers inspire kids to explore unchartered territories like sports, art, drama, science, technology, cooking and more.

Finding a passion and unearthing an unknown talent go a long way in building a kid’s sense of self-worth – assuring them they are truly enough, and their potential greatness knows no bounds!

Revealing a world of possibilities and passions

Curiosity launches innovation!

More robust than most, our innovative before and after school program is thoughtfully engineered for K – 5th grade students! We offer a wide variety of activity clubs to fit their interests and homework clubs to ensure their scholastic success, while providing dedicated homework-free family time at the end of the day.

Our program serves as an impactful segue between the demands of school and the comforts of home, and our extended hours alleviate some of your stress, too! It’s about more than snacks and blowing off steam on the playground, we’re expanding their minds to new possibilities and encouraging them to act on new-found passions.

Make your child a valued member of a group of truly GREAT kids

Every hour of every day, we have your child’s best interests at heart as they form lasting friendships, explore new experiences and discover hidden talents. Our mission is to help your child enhance their unique greatness.

Beyond the school year program, we also offer field trips, holiday breaks and summer camps built on a foundation of FUN and self-discovery. The most important lesson your child will learn is THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

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G.Y.M. CURRICULUM® for school age

Growing Young Minds® or G.Y.M. is the premise behind our curriculum for this age group.

Kids ‘R’ Kids believes after school time should be spent encouraging social and emotional growth as well as continuing academic growth through activities and games. At any age, it’s best to learn through play and Kids ‘R’ Kids even takes this philosophy into account for the big kids.