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There are few moments more special than a bedtime story told while a child snuggles under the covers listening to a great story shared by a loving parent.  As children get older, they often remember dialogue from stories they shared at bedtime when they were younger.  Even as a child gets older, the bedtime story tradition can continue with a few modifications to increase interest for older children and even adults.

Take a look at these creative ideas to enhance your bedtime story experience for toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

  • Choose an appropriate book for your child’s age.  Younger children will need more sounds, visual stimulation, and animated characters.  They should not be frightened or given content meant for older children.
  • To make story time fun, make weird sounds just like the book.  Give your characters a fun voice and make the reading exciting.
  • Engage your child by asking for help with sounds and words.
  • For younger children, feel free to read the same book more than once.  They will enjoy the familiarity and will eventually be able to remember the story and tell you what comes next.
  • Create a routine by allowing your child to snuggle in bed with eager anticipation of a warm story to end the day.
  • For older children, you may need to change the name from bedtime stories to Family Reading Time.  Select stories that are appropriate for preschool age children with deeper story-lines and more interesting characters.  Share the reading with your child and ask questions about the characters and theme.
  • Story time does not have to happen in the bed.  Older children may prefer to read in a family room with snacks and relaxation.
  • Check online for bedtime stories and other fun ideas for your family story time.

While bedtime storytelling is fun for children and adults, the benefits are numerous and lasting.  For more information on reading to children and the many benefits, talk to the childhood education experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids. You might be surprised to know how easy it is to enhance your child’s learning during story time at home and in preschool.