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How to Get Your Preschool Child to Help Clean

How to Get Your Preschool Child to Help Clean at Kids 'R' Kids Medlock Bridge, preschool, childcare, daycare, learning academy

Teaching your preschool children the value of hard work and dedication is extremely important, and one way you can do this is by encouraging them to help you clean around the house. Whether you create a chore chart together or use rewards as incentives, there are many ways to get your children involved no matter how reluctant they initially may be.

Make chores fun.

Turn cleaning into a game by seeing who can make their bed the fastest, or turn on some music and, as a family, get as much done as possible in one room before the song ends. Here’s another fun idea: have your kids guess how many items are in a drawer or cabinet before taking them out to dust them off and reorganize them.

Have a yard sale.

This is a wonderful opportunity to clean out clutter in your home and teach your children a thing or two about the process of buying/selling items. You will feel great knowing that your once-beloved items will continue to be valued in someone else’s home and your children will enjoy being a part of all the action. Earning a buck or two is the icing on the cake!

Keep it simple.

By assigning specific, small tasks, your child can successfully and efficiently tackle one thing at a time. Instead of something vague such as “clean up your room,” try one of these clearer suggestions: 

  • Make your bed
  • Put your toys in the toy bin
  • Bring your dirty clothes to the laundry room

Have a fashion show!

Make your spring-cleaning session a little more exciting with a family fashion show! Begin by sorting through your closets with your kids, separating the clothes that still fit from those that don’t. Turn on some tunes and you’ll transform your hallway into a fashion-filled runway. When everything has been sorted through, don’t throw away what no longer fits—take any unneeded clothing to your local Salvation Army or thrift store.

Deep cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when trying to incorporate your preschool children. However, these ideas will leave your home fresh, organized and free of stress for spring. 

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