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Helping Preschoolers Develop Their Vocabulary

Helping Preschoolers Develop Their Vocabulary at Kids 'R' Kids Medlock Bridge, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Our preschoolers are learning new things everyday, but it is so easy for us to worry about the development of their vocabulary. Vocabulary is such a big step on their way to reading, and we want to make sure they are building a proper foundation. Going to preschool definitely gives your child a head start on this, but here are some easy ways to incorporate vocabulary building into everyday life:

Use your regular vocabulary

Don’t be afraid to use “big” words around your child. We can easily fall into the habit of only using simple words when talking to our preschoolers. Instead, use more of a regular vocabulary and explain to them what the words mean if they seem confused. You might be surprised by what words they pick up!

Plan interesting outings

By taking our children to do many different types of activities, their interests and vocabulary will grow! Take your child to the museum or a park and talk to them about the things they see, smell, and hear. This extra exposure and sensory language will help them learn new words.

Read to your child

Many of us read with our children, but try to pick books that might have more challenging words. Pick a subject that interests your child and have them follow along. They will ask questions when they do not understand and will naturally absorb new words. 

Provide a variety of toys

Whether your preschooler loves dolls or dinosaurs, we can increase their vocabulary by providing them with a variety of different toys. If playtime is filled with trucks, cooking objects, and a make believe doctor kit, they will be introduced to many categories of new words.

 These fun ideas will allow you to start incorporating building vocabulary easily into your child’s life. If we make it a priority to use many different and even some difficult words into our own vocabulary when we speak with our children, we are likely to see their vocabulary increase as well. After all, as parents, we are our children’s biggest teachers!

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