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International Literacy Day with Your Preschooler

International Literacy Day with Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, childcare, daycare

Your preschooler likely loves to choose a favorite book to read as part of the routine at bedtime. For so many children and parents around the world, though, the lack of educational and literacy resources makes reading a book together impossible. To date, more than 700 million adults worldwide cannot read or write, and another 100 million children lack access to a quality education. Established by UNESCO to bring attention to the need for global literacy and accessible education, International Literacy Day is recognized on September 8 of every year in several countries around the world. You can celebrate International Literacy Day with your preschooler by sharing the joys of literacy with others. 

Celebrate by reading

Host a video call from your home and invite a couple of your child’s friends to join in. Encourage your preschooler and anyone else who attends to bring a favorite book to read to the group. After books have been read aloud, talk about how literacy impacts even the simplest act, such as that of enjoying a good book! 

Celebrate by donating

Choose a book together from your home that you can donate to a local Goodwill. During the walk or drive through your neighborhood, you can talk with your little one about how giving away books can help to support literacy in your community. 

Celebrate by giving

Talk with your preschooler about making it possible for children in other parts of the world to go to school and to learn, and then choose a charity that supports global literacy or education to donate to together. As a parent, you can help your little one to understand the value in sharing some of your resources to help with the education of children in other parts of the world!

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