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Why You Should Teach Your Preschool Child about Emotions

Why You Should Teach Your Preschool Child about Emotions at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, childcare

Emotional regulation and intelligence have a key role in early childhood development. Tantrums and behavioral issues primarily stem from emotional issues. If we can teach children about emotions (what they are and how to deal with them) from a young age, minimal behavioral modification will be necessary in preschoolers.

A preschooler must understand their emotions before they can control them.

The most important thing to understand is that there are no bad emotions. All emotions are natural and understandable. You can teach your preschooler that there are a range of emotions, but they are not ranked on a scale of good to bad. Emotions are our reactions to the world around us and the physical manifestation of how something internally affects us.

Personal emotional awareness in children will lead to an emotional awareness of others.

When you teach your child to recognize the emotions that they are feeling and the root cause of them, they will begin to notice those same emotions in those around them. An increase in emotional awareness will bring about selflessness, empathy, and mental health.

Young children that learn emotional intelligence early can grow up to be more academically successful and mentally healthy.

Practice makes perfect, so it makes sense that the longer a person has understood their emotions, the better they will be at determining the cause of the emotions and reacting accordingly. If you teach your preschooler early on how to understand themselves, they will be more likely to be academically intelligent. An increase in emotional intelligence will also bring about an increase in mental health, and anxiety and depression will be more easily managed.

Help your preschooler to understand their own emotions by talking to them about how their day went, and about how their different interactions made them feel. A child that feels strong love from a parental figure is less likely to struggle with emotional problems that stem from a lack of attention or support. Show love to your child, and their emotions will benefit!

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