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Creative Family Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Creative Family Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions  at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

This New Year, make resolutions a family activity with these following creative ideas.

Family Fitness. 

Staying healthy as a family is an excellent goal to both increase your child’s immunity as well as show them that taking care of their physical health is important. One way to add family fitness is to set a group goal and try to reach it as a family team. For example, our family goal is to walk 20,000 steps each day. We take the number of everyone’s daily steps each evening at dinner and add the number to a chart on the wall.

Use variety. 

Take some time this December to brainstorm twelve different physical activities for your family, one per month of the upcoming year. You can do this activity with the members of your family. Each month, you and your family will focus on that special activity. Use a variety of activities that fit your family: learning badminton, basketball, swimming, jump rope, etc. The excitement of a new activity will help you push through the third week of bike riding if you know a different activity is only a week away. During each month, try to learn the new activity and variations of it. For the month of jump roping, try a jump roping race, Chinese jump rope, or double Dutch jump rope. In basketball month, learn how to dribble and how to shoot a basketball both overhanded and ‘granny style’. Check out your library for ideas on physical activities or your local park for a list of community events.

Eating healthy. 

Each month, choose a Healthy Home Day to focus on healthy food and healthy minds. On these days, limit social media and television time. Instead add reading or listening to music to the schedule. Then plan a new healthy meal. Go shopping as a family for the ingredients, download a recipe, and enjoy your time listening to music as you try cooking a new and unique healthy meal. Try to add an ingredient you have never tasted before or find a recipe of a different nation to attempt. Even if the meal is a bust, the decreased media and increased family time will have been well worth it.

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