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Empower your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker

Empower your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker at Kids 'R' Kids Mableton, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Teaching your child how to be a positive thinker is extremely beneficial, especially in a world where there is sometimes too much negativity. It is never too early to start empowering your child how to look on the brighter side of life! Here are a few ways that you can begin to teach your child how to begin that happy, positive lifestyle.  

Your Child’s Biggest Cheerleader 

If you want to empower your kiddo to be a positive thinker, then you need to also try to be in a positive mindset. You are your child’s biggest cheerleader and they look up to you. Remind yourself to try to stay cool during those hectic moments. If you react to a glass of spilled milk in a calm and collected way, then your child will start picking up on your reactions. Instead of cleaning up the mess and laughing it off, you may choose to yell out of frustration. Children are like sponges and absorb everything around them. First and foremost, make sure you are representing positive thinking! 

Little Notes 

A simple way to encourage your child to think positively is leaving motivating sticky notes around the house. For example, leave a note that says “You can do it!” on their bathroom mirror, so that they can feel inspired. Your kiddo may not be able to read just yet, so this is a good activity for both of you! Read these positive reminders in the morning and before you tuck them into bed. Your kiddo will conquer the day with a positive mindset, and also hit the pillow with sweet thoughts.

Reinforce Positive Thinking

Reinforcing positive thinking is a great way to help your child retain that happy mindset! When you notice your child thinking on the bright side of a situation, tell them that you are proud of them. If you constantly encourage your kiddo after they participate in positive thinking, then it is more likely that they will continue the habit. 

Here’s to our happy, positive little thinkers! 

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