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Starting Traditions With Your Preschooler

Starting Traditions With Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Starting a tradition as a family may seem like a daunting undertaking. But do not be deterred by the idea! A tradition is merely a habit or routine that you and your family recognize, appreciate, and enjoy doing together. You may, in fact, already have some beloved traditions in place—such as bedtime sing-a-longs with your preschooler or pancake breakfasts on Saturdays, or even a gratitude jar leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. But even if not, you can start a tradition with your preschooler that will be fun for everyone!

Families and Traditions

As regular, recurrent rituals in the life of a family, traditions can provide both identity and a sense of belonging to those involved. Traditions can strengthen relationships, provide confidence, teach heritage and values, and commemorate loved ones. Traditions can also help with navigating challenges and recovering from loss.

Traditions with Your Preschooler

With your preschooler, you can start a new family tradition in a few easy steps:

Select A Focus

Decide together something that you want to be a part of family life that currently is not. You may, for example, want to develop a regular practice of expressing gratitude as a family, not just around the holidays, but throughout the year. 

Decide On Practice

Brainstorm together with your preschooler as to ways you may practice gratitude as a family throughout the year. Choose an idea that everyone likes—such as, keeping a gratitude journal together—and then talk about how to make the idea work for your unique family.

Let It Grow

Take it slow when introducing your new tradition and let it grow over time. For example, you may start with writing in a gratitude journal and transition to keeping thankful notes on a calendar. As with any tradition, your new one will evolve over time. Relax and enjoy as you explore it together!

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