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Encouraging Your Preschooler’s Inner Storyteller

Encouraging Your Preschooler’s Inner Storyteller at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Storytelling is a way that people share meaningful personal and cultural narratives, whether through oral delivery or through other means, such as pictorial chronicles, musical arrangements, and written documents. One of the earliest ways that parents communicate with their children is through storytelling, and shared personal and family stories can become a rich source of encouragement and identity for a child. The National Council of Teachers of English recommends that parents encourage their children to grow as storytellers through simple everyday conversations and activities.

Ways to Encourage Your Preschooler’s Inner Storyteller

Talk about Sensory Details

Explore experiences with your child by talking about the five senses. What did your little one see or hear? How would your preschooler describe the smell, taste, or touch of something? Narrate your own experiences in the same way to provide a model for storytelling rich in sensory details!

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Delve deeper into the what’s and why’s of a story by asking open-ended questions and discussing ideas together. Use a well-known storybook as a starting point, or perhaps bring up these questions during play with your child!

Capture and Share Stories

Take dictation as your child narrates a story to include in a card to a grandparent or as part of a journal entry. Ask sensory and open-ended questions to prompt further elaboration, and read back through the story together!

Invite your child to narrate a family outing, or ask for details about your little one’s play with a favorite panda bear or monster truck. Or, ask some “what” and “why” questions during the reading of a beloved book, such as “Why did the central character make that choice?” and “What would you do in this situation?” You can encourage your preschooler’s inner storyteller in simple ways by engaging in creative conversation with your little one during time together!

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