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Preschoolers and the Benefits of Music

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As your preschooler returns from a busy day at daycare, you may decide to turn on their favorite tune to soothe them. While they listen and dance to the beat, you may find yourself wondering whether these melodies and movements will benefit them in some way in the future. As a result, we have provided a few benefits of listening to music for your melodious preschooler! 

Music Helps Their Brain

As your preschooler listens and sings along to their favorite songs, they are actively improving their memorization and rhythmic skills. Children who spend time listening to lyrics and remembering the numerous words tend to absorb different skills faster than their preschool pals who do not. Your preschooler will become a fast learner as music will be the support system that keeps their memorization muscles alive!

Music Expands Their Creativity

Even though you may not see your preschooler rising to stardom as they twirl and flail around your living room, you are still encouraging your preschooler’s sense of creativity. Especially for preschoolers, the music geared toward their age tends to tell stories that allow them to expand their imagination; even simple nursery rhymes can stimulate their thoughts! Whether your preschooler is inspired by the story or wants to play musical instruments on your furniture to recreate the song, they are expanding their creative sense!

Music Relieves Them Emotionally 

Especially at such a young age, your preschooler may struggle to find healthy ways to express their emotions. Music tends to be the perfect outlet to calm your preschooler down or cheer them up! Particularly if your preschooler has picked up an instrument, your child can use music as a tool to expand their sense of creativity while using an alternative method to express their emotions. As they express themselves through song, your preschooler is truly learning how to handle tough situations and express their feelings in a healthy way.

Before you complain about your preschooler listening to music all the time, remember all of the ways music can impact their minds and emotions! Music truly is a powerful tool for them to learn and develop their sense of self.

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