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How to Ease Your Preschooler into Trying New Sports

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In our technologically centered world, it can be difficult to try to get your preschooler interested in trying new outdoor activities or sports. They may be afraid to explore the sports realm or are unsure about which sports they want to try to play. If you find yourself struggling to find ways to encourage your preschooler to step out and try new sports, here are a few steps to help you!

1. Ease Them into The Sport 

The last thing you want to do to your preschooler is force them into a sport they are wary about. Instead, acknowledge their fears and ease them into the sport itself. Many sports programs have different trial periods specifically for your preschooler to try out different activities before they truly settle into the sport. These trials are the perfect way to start your preschooler off slow into the sport of their choosing.

2. Reassure Them

As you go into the sporting realm with your preschooler, remember that they are still children. Be sure to give them a lot of extra reassurance that they have the skills within them to be wonderful at the sport they are pursuing. If they fail or lose a game, remember to keep your mood calm and encouraging and let them dust themselves off through the process. If they wish to take breaks, let them; you do not want to scare your preschooler completely away from the sport by forcing them into it!

3. Praise Them

If there is ever a moment where you can support and praise your preschooler, seize the opportunity! Most importantly, you want your child to have fun while participating in different activities as this will only build and strengthen their confidence levels. Keep them motivated and try to participate as much as you can alongside them, so they never feel alone in their efforts!

With these few tips in mind, your preschooler will be ready and prepared to face the sport of their choosing! Hopefully in the future, they will be grateful and will only remember the active participation and love you gave from the sidelines!

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