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Too Cold to Play Outside? Games to Keep Your Preschooler Occupied

Too Cold to Play Outside? Games to Keep Your Preschooler Occupied at Kids 'R' Kids Kings River, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Here are some great boredom busters for when it’s just too cold to send your preschooler outside. You can use these when you’ve run out of ideas to make the cold days pass a little faster. 

Hot Lava is that one game that we all have played, but no one ever taught it to us. It’s a great game to play while you’re cooped up inside during the winter. Make sure there are enough bases set up to play safely, and remember—don’t touch the lava! 

Build a snowman out of felt! Cut the snowman out of white felt, and stick it on the wall. Then, cut out all the buttons and the carrot nose, and whatever other accessory you can think of, and then let them stick the pieces on the snowman body. Felt sticks to felt, so they can remake the snowman as many different ways as they can imagine!

Make cookies because then you can have your fun and eat it too! You can make this process as extravagant as you’d like. You could make cut out cookies, and then decorate them with fun-colored icing, or you can make simple drop cookies if you want to be able to eat them in a hurry. 

Glue Velcro dots on the end of Popsicle sticks and let them make shapes out of them. Connect the sticks with the Velcro, and they can make anything that can be made out of short lines. The only limits are the number of Popsicle sticks! See if they can make their name out of them and make it an educational game! 

Cherish these quiet winter days and make the most out of the time that you have together. If you use up these ideas too, try reading a good book together and make some hot chocolate to go along with those cookies, and just enjoy spending time together.

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