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Enrolling Your Preschooler in a Brand New Sport

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A brand new sport can be an opportunity for your preschooler to have fun while playing with others. If you choose a brand new sport with care, you may be able to find a physical play activity that your child will love. 

Preschoolers and organized sports

The National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) advises that the average child will not be ready for the full demands of a team sport until six or even seven years of age. But the NASPE does recommend that preschoolers have both an hour of unstructured physical activity (free play) and an hour of structured physical activity (guided play) every day. So choosing a sport in which to enroll your child may be a way to give your little one a bit of both! 

Choosing a brand new sport

Check with a local recreation center for preschooler activities that will allow opportunities to play with other children. Go one even better, and look for activities that allow you to play as well. Your child will love being able to run and play when you are a part of the fun! 

Enrolling your preschooler

Take time to talk with the coach and if possible with other parents involved in the sport in which you want to enroll your preschooler. The attitudes of the adults involved definitely impact the experience of the children! 

Focusing on the fun

The atmosphere should be low on competition and high on fun. Remember, your little one is still learning how to hop and jump, how to balance on one foot and how to catch a ball. Choose a sport that creates room for your preschooler to learn these basic skills in a loving, play-filled environment!

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