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Encouraging Your Preschooler to Try New Sports

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Go team! It’s officially Little League Month, and it’s a great time to get your child involved in sports that they’ve never tried before. Your kiddo is at the perfect age to try new things, and any type of physical activity in a world full of technology is an awesome way to get your child active and out of their comfort zone.  Trying new sports can come with anxiety, so here are a few tips to encourage your child to get out there and play ball!

Be their biggest cheerleader 

Be your kid’s biggest cheerleader when encouraging them to try new sports! There’s a possibility that your child may be worried to try swimming because they are nervous about drowning. Your child may also be nervous to play soccer because they are scared that they will trip and fall. Encourage your child and tell them that they won’t know until they try. This is also an important life-lesson – don’t let the fear of striking out or losing stop you from playing the game. 

The Benefits 

Tell your preschooler about the benefits that come with playing new sports. Playing sports gives your child the opportunity to boost their self-confidence, meet new friends, and create new precious memories that they will hold onto. Sports can be scary, but remind your kiddo that there will be more benefits than disadvantages. 

Introduce them to sports gradually

Great! You just signed up your kiddo for the basketball league and they are super excited but, of course, a little hesitant. Do not let your kid start immediately attempting slam dunks. This may result in a few tears and possibly broken bones. Start simply passing the basketball to your child, and gradually go up from there. There’s no need to rush! 

Now go on and sign up for those little league teams! 

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