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As your Pre-Kindergarten student rises to Kindergarten, the choice is clear…

Kids 'R' Kids is here!

Our Pre-K program is at a Kindergarten level, so in order to allow our students to continue their academic progress, we have developed an advanced Kindergarten program that incorporates elements of First Grade Curriculum. However, if your child is new to our academy and did not complete our Pre-K program, do not worry; our classroom dynamic is designed to allow all of our students reach their full potential.

Our Kindergarten program is enriched with a standards-based curriculum, wonderful learning stations, and an abundance of creative learning activities students will enjoy. It is based on national and state standards with weekly units comprised of academic lessons and literature-based activities. Our program’s goal is to meet the needs of each student while implementing positive learning strategies.

Among the many advantages of our Kindergarten program are our low classroom ratios and all-inclusive features. Before and after school care, gymnastics classes, sports classes, dance classes, Spanish classes, and all meals are included in your tuition!