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Science Experiments With Preschoolers

Science Experiments With Preschoolers

If you are looking for more ways to engage in learning with your preschooler at home, try out these science experiments that are sure to boost your child’s interest in science!

  1. Welcome spring with this pretty science experiment: dye flowers!  Let your preschoolers watch as the white carnations change colors over time!  Your preschooler will love watching the color move up into the plant’s petals and learning how plants drink water.
  2. Prepare for winter storms while you learn about the weather, emergency preparedness, and share what happens during a tornado!
  3. Encourage your budding scientist while you learn about density and the weight of liquids with this rainbow jar experiment.
  4. Head out to the garden to create a simple pulley machine.  Your preschooler will love moving rocks and water through the yard!
  5. Discuss stored energy and kinetic energy with this catapult activity!  Watch as your preschooler discovers he can send objects further or transfers that knowledge when playing with other toys!
  6. Plant seeds together and watch them grow!  After a few weeks growing inside,  move your new seedlings to the flower bed or garden.
  7. Teach your child about primary colors by using paper towels and food coloring in this walking water experiment.  Watch for rainbows after spring storms.
  8. Discover the power of air by making balloons dance!  See how many balloons you can make fly!
  9. Make different kinds of paper airplanes to experiment which kind of plane flies best!  Ask your preschooler to make predictions about which airplane will fly the longest distance.
  10. Discuss surface tension with this classic pepper and dish soap experiment.

These are simple science experiments you can do at home to let your child learn more about the world around them!

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