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Self-Improvement Month: Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

It’s never too early to teach your child about self-improvement, and September is a great time to do it – it’s self-improvement month! For some easy ideas on how to do this with your child, keep reading below!

Create a goals chart.

We all are motivated by rewards in some way, and preschoolers are no exception. An easy way to teach your preschooler about reaching goals is to create a goals chart. Working together, come up with some goals that your preschooler could reach such as picking up their toys every day for a week, helping Mommy or Daddy with dinner for four nights, or watering the flowers on the front porch for a few days. When you’ve created a few goals with them, make a chart that states each goal, and then has a place where you can mark off if your preschooler does what they were supposed to do that day.

Model by example.

One of the best ways to teach your preschooler about self-improvement is to be a good example for them. If you have a habit that you’re trying to break or a goal you’re trying to reach, put in a lot of effort to do those things. If you’re passionate about pursuing what you set your mind to, your preschooler will start to understand what it means to be disciplined by your example!

Extend grace.

Even though you want to model by example, your journey and your preschooler’s journey to self-improvement may not always look picture-perfect. A good rule to remember when teaching your little one about self-improvement is to extend grace to yourself. If your little one messes up, make sure to reassure them and let them know that there are more chances to do better. Self-improvement is a process and it’s important that your little one knows that.

Goal setting and self-improvement don’t have to be intimidating – to you or your preschooler! With a little effort, you can make reaching goals fun and worthwhile!

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