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Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Indoor Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

With the arrival of the cool winter months, comes the cozy, indoor time spent at home with your preschooler! Fear not, being cooped up indoors is a great opportunity for parents to squeeze in extra learning, bonding, and quality time with your child.

With these three categories of activities, you can almost ensure that your preschooler will remain energetic, healthy, and happy while chasing away any case of cabin fever. 

Music and Dance

The great thing about music is that it comes in many forms–making it easy to adapt to your own unique child and household. Instruments, Mama’s old CD’s, the radio, or just singing aloud are all viable options and work perfectly. Bring out the mini keyboard, tambourines, or just sing a song together that both you and your preschooler know by heart. 

And what would music be without a little dancing? Get those creative, self-expressive juices flowing by letting your little one choreograph their own dance, or just have an open, Mom-just-let-her-ponytail-down dance party! Both music and dance are positive mental stimulants and are sure to brighten any mood darkened by winter days. So, get those wiggles out and keep those spirits high with music and dance!

Food Food Food 

Snacks- another positive mental stimulant that all preschoolers know and love! Cooking or baking coincides wonderfully with the winter months, as there are tons of festive and yummy foods to make! Bring out the old recipe book and assign your preschooler one of the simpler tasks. Homemade chicken noodle soup never goes wrong, neither do pies nor cookies! Add some decorative frosting and let your child express their festive selves. Don’t forget to bring out the camera- you’ll want to cherish these cute first baking or cooking experiences.

Get That Imagination Working

One of the best opportunities to allow your child’s imagination to run wild can be time spent indoors. Pick a ball and some designated bowling pins- empty water bottles, stuffed animals, etc.- and create your family’s own bowling lane! Or hand over some empty cardboard boxes to your little one and watch the magical forts unfold. Last but not least, stuck indoors but still yearning for summer months? Have a picnic inside! Set out a blanket, make some sandwiches, and sit in an area of the house with some natural sunlight! The more imagination you encourage, the better.

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