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Preschoolers and Staying Hydrated

Preschoolers and Staying Hydrated at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

Helping your preschooler stay hydrated year round is extremely important for multiple reasons. Even mild levels of dehydration can cause mood swings, poor energy levels and the inability to think and process clearly. In fact, many children start their days in a state of dehydration due to loss of fluids overnight through simple sweat and respiration. Furthermore, most children do not like to drink water early in the morning, so they come to school with a dehydrated brain and are not ready for learning. The heat of summer may still be in full swing, but we’re here to help your preschooler hydrate

Why water matters

Water makes up approximately 60% of our bodies. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative to stay hydrated in order for our bodies to do their jobs properly. For example, our brain is made up of 80% water, making water one of the primary tools for neurological transmissions. When you or your child are dehydrated, your mental and physical capabilities are negatively impacted. EM Gordon’s research in 2012 showed this loss of fluids can negatively impact short term memory, and long term recall. Dehydration can cause a decrease in concentration and affect your child’s ability to absorb and retain new information. All of these reasons point to the importance of staying hydrated. 

Ditch the juice 

Beverages such as soda and juice are packed with sugar and simply don’t do the trick as well as water when it comes to hydration. We realize that some children can be quite stubborn when it comes to drinking water, but there are a few ways parents can help their little ones to stay hydrated. If your child isn’t a fan of plain water, you can spruce up their drink with frozen fruit as an ice cube substitute, a squeeze of lemon for added flavor, or a colorful, curly straw for a bit of fun. 

Generally, it is best to aim for six to eight glasses of water each day. On extra hot days filled with physical activity, you should be sure to keep a cold water bottle nearby at all times. Remember – children love to mirror the actions of those they look up to, so it’s equally important for parents to drink water too. 

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