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Teaching Your Preschooler to Appreciate Gifts

Teaching Your Preschooler to Appreciate Gifts at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts! Whether you’re giving or receiving gifts, we all can agree that gifts are a fun way to show others in our lives that we appreciate them. We all have gotten gifts in the past that are well-intended, but are not something that will be our next favorite thing. Your preschoolers may or may not know how to respond when someone gives them a gift that they don’t exactly fancy. A situation like that may arise this holiday season, but don’t fear! Learn more about teaching your preschooler to appreciate gifts now. 

Please and Thank-you 

If you haven’t taught your child basic manners already, then this is the perfect time of the year to do so! Teach your child how to say please and thank-you throughout your everyday routine. For example, make your child say please when they want more milk or juice. After you pour the glass, remind them to say thank-you. Simple tasks like this will get your little one in the habit of saying please and thank-you when someone does a favor for them or gives them a gift. It’s good to start with the basics!  

Thank-you cards

A fun way to incorporate thankfulness is to keep track of what gifts your child was given and who are they from. Make cute creative thank-you cards with your preschooler! Your preschooler will start to understand the importance behind letting someone know that you appreciate their gifts and kindness. This will be a fun activity for you and your child rather than a chore. There’s also a good chance that grandma might call you about the thank-you card and tell you how happy it made her. This will make your preschooler pretty happy too!


If you have a Christmas party coming up with your child, then carve out some time to do some role-playing. This activity will give you a chance to show your child how to properly thank someone after receiving a gift. It would be a great idea to practice with your child’s favorite toys and maybe items that they aren’t too sure about. Teach your children proper manners on receiving gifts they love and gifts they aren’t crazy about. 

Manners and appreciation go a long way!

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