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What To Say When Your Child Says, “I Can’t”

What To Say When Your Child Says, “I Can’t” at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen/Pearland, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Preschoolers use play to explore their world, test its bounds, and discover their strengths. They put on capes and imagine themselves with super-power strength. However, as some children grow, their willingness to try new things wanes. What do you do when your child’s confidence wavers and their fear leads them to doubt themselves? When the kid who once thought they were a superhero now thinks they’re a zero, how do you encourage them to turn their “I can’t” into “I can?”  

Listen to your child’s doubts. 

Sometimes young children entering daycare just need someone to hear and understand their fears. When you seek to understand why your child feels the way they do, you have the opportunity to help your child process their fears so they can overcome them. 

Remind your child that learning something new takes time and effort. 

Sometimes kids lose their confidence to try something new because it doesn’t come easily to them at first. Sharing a story with them from your own life where you found a new task challenging can help. Tell them what you learned as you continued practicing the task. Did it get easier with time and practice? 

Give your child permission to fail. 

If more time and effort didn’t help you master the task, tell your child what it felt like to fail. Sometimes just knowing something was hard for someone else — especially a parent whom they admire — shows kids it’s okay to fail as long as they’re willing to try. At times, the fear of failing can make a kid freeze because they don’t think failure is allowed. Once they lose their fear of failure, “I can’t” becomes, “I’ll try.” And, “I’ll try” becomes “I can!”

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