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Preschoolers and Trick-or-Treating

Preschoolers and Trick-or-Treating at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Halloween is a fall favorite for many families, and trick-or-treating is an activity that children look forward to for the whole month of October. With fun costumes and delicious candy, what more could a preschooler want? If this is your first time taking your preschooler out for trick-or-treating, here are a few things to go over to ensure that it’s an activity they look forward to for many Octobers to come!

Picking the costume

Make sure to pick a costume that your little one is comfortable in and is appropriate for the weather. If it’s going to be a chilly Halloween, choose a costume that has layers, or bring a jacket for them just in case. You don’t want your child to overheat either, so make sure to check the weather and pick something adaptable. If this is your preschooler’s first time wearing a costume for a long time, it’s best to stay away from face paint or anything too complicated. Let them help pick out the costume, and keep in mind—it’s supposed to be a fun way to express themselves.

Prime Time for Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is almost always a night time activity, but your little ones still need their rest! Many families trick-or-treat near dusk. If needed, plan your dinner earlier so you have plenty of time to trick-or-treat to your child’s content while still leaving enough time for a bath and appropriate bedtime if it’s a school night.

Make it a Group Activity

Invite your child’s friends and parents to come along—the more the merrier! You can even start a tradition of picking a different friend’s neighborhood every year as a way to shake things up.

Monitor Candy

Many parents agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Halloween candy. Trick-or-treat in a familiar area, and pay attention for any strange behavior while your child interacts with strangers. Before they go candy crazy or decide to snack while they trick-or-treat, monitor their collection and look out for partially opened items, labels you don’t recognize, or potentially any baked goods, especially if your child has an allergy.

How to Set Goals with your Preschooler

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