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How to Set Goals with Your Preschooler

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As your preschooler moves through the day, you may find them struggling to pass through certain obstacles within their life. A good way of getting out of these stressful situations is to set meaningful and productive goals with your preschooler! If you are unsure of where to start, here are three tips on how to start setting goals with your preschooler.

1. Create Small Steps 

Since your preschooler can easily get lost and confused in a long list of goals, try starting your preschooler off slowly. Spend some time creating small stepping stones toward their larger goal that are simple and easy for your preschooler to follow. Do not forget to make these small steps measurable so your preschooler can see some sort of progression as they move toward their goal! This way, you will find your preschooler motivated and prepared when working to meet their goal! 

2.     Make Simple Goals 

Similar to the first step, the last thing you want to do to your preschooler is create a large goal they may not be able to accomplish. Setting a goal of “getting straight A’s” can be quite challenging and not something your preschooler will be able to do in a short period of time. For their first goals, try to start simple; challenge them to read a new book or practice a new skill. These simple goals will start your preschooler off slowly and down the right path toward success!

3.     Stay Positive

Even through small and simple goals, your preschooler may stumble or struggle along the way. As these missteps are going to occur as they grow, try to remain positive through every stumbling block they face. Let them know that failure is a natural occurrence when trying to meet a goal, but help them to dust themselves off and get right back on track! With your help, these accidents can be a productive learning experience for your preschooler and will serve to strengthen their commitment to their goals!

Do not be afraid of setting goals to help your preschooler move through life’s obstacles! Instead, use these three tips to help your preschooler know how to manage these stressful situations in a healthy and productive way! 

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