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Kindergarten Prep

As your Pre-Kindergarten student rises to Kindergarten, the choice is clear…
Kids ‘R’ Kids of Franz Road is here! Our Kindergarten Prep program is enriched with standard-based curriculum, wonderful learning stations, and an abundance of creative learning activities students will enjoy. It is here your child will fully embrace his or her student status, and will the idea of becoming an elementary learner.

Our Kindergarten Prep program consists of national and state regulated standards. The units are comprised of academic themes, and incorporate literature-based studies. Our program’s goal is to meet the needs of each student, and encourage positive learning strategies. Here students will gain knowledge and information to create their own direction of learning experiences.

The Kids ‘R’ Kids Prep Kindergarten curriculum was designed for continuous educational growth, allowing students to apply academic content with theory-based discoveries in independent, peer, or teacher-directed activities. The program encourages students to think “outside of the box” and apply what they have learned to realistic situations.

Our Kindergarten Prep program was built with 6 academic categories and 3 sub-categories. The 6 categories are comprised of academic studies including history, science, language, literacy, mathematics, character development, and creative expression. The 3 sub-categories correlate with academic studies, and each holds 5 academic learning tubs. These tubs will help increase student understanding of the subject material discussed. These activities introduce and build independent and cooperative learning skills.

Literacy Tubs – help students gain individual strength and understanding of language association, vocabulary development, and skill strategies

  • Guided Reading
  • ABC Tub
  • Pocket Chart Tub
  • Word Work Tub
  • Writing Tub

Mathematics Tubs – help students apply strategies such as number concepts, problem solving skills and category association with basic math principles

  • Guided Math
  • Blue Learning Tub
  • Green Learning Tub
  • Orange Learning Tub
  • Red Learning Tub

Small Group Discovery – consist of daily enrichments and station enhancement activities

  • Art Station – free choice application for students where materials are used to express imagination
  • Construction Station – spatial awareness and geometric study demonstrated through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating Dramatic Play Station – encouraging individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props

Library Station – independent and guided activities to encourage student vocabulary and literacy development with a wide range of appropriate materials

Sensory Station – experimenting with materials through object manipulation to increase knowledge and stretch the imagination

As students develop into scholars, continuing to grow academically and discovering new experiences, Kids ‘R’ Kids believes establishing a positive learning environment where children are “hugged first, then taught” will help students reach their potential. All students are encouraged and praised in a positive manner, creating a love for learning.