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As compasses point north, our festive spirits point towards a universe of traditions during Christmas. With excitement bubbling, let’s navigate these joyous rituals:

1. Greece’s Christmas Boats:

Instead of trees, Greeks traditionally decorate boats for Christmas. Sail with kids on this Mediterranean custom, celebrating hope and the maritime history of the nation.

2. Denmark’s ‘Julefrokost’:

Introduce the tots to the Danish ‘Christmas Lunch’. An array of dishes, including pickled herring and liver paste, make this a feast to remember.

3. Brazil’s ‘Papai Noel’:

While Brazil brims with Carnival energy, come Christmas, ‘Papai Noel’ brings gifts. He dons silk to combat the summer heat, unlike his chilly North Pole counterpart.

4. New Zealand’s Pohutukawa Tree:

New Zealanders celebrate with the blooming of the Pohutukawa tree. Its bright red flowers symbolize the festive season in this corner of the world.

5. Austria’s ‘Krampus’:

While St. Nicholas rewards the nice, Austrian legends speak of ‘Krampus’, a creature that spooks naughty children. A tad eerie but a fun way to discuss the balance of naughty and nice!


As the Christmas compass whirls, it points to tales of joy, love, and tradition from every nook and cranny. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we’re on a quest to unravel these tales, fostering a love for global traditions in our little navigators.

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