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A well-supervised, engaging and enriching camp for Junior and Senior Campers

Fun and Education spins throughout the Summer!

2019 Summer camp

Kids ‘R’ Kids is excited to launch a new twist on camp where kids are redefining summer and turning ordinary days into the extraordinary. Just as fragments inside a kaleidoscope fuse together to captivate us with a new perspective, Kaleidoscope 360° will spin this summer into a unique dimension of discovery, fun, and friendships.


Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy provides a robust camp experience offering a unique blend of various themes. Contact us about our specific offering of weekly themes at Camp Kaleidoscope 360°.

Expand your view of the world around you and see it as an artist. You will learn how to observe, expand and explore like artists do and therefore see the unexpected! Fascinating art projects like kaleidoscopes, optical illusions, vibrant self-portraits, and sculpture design challenges, will inspire you to create authentic artwork beyond your wildest dreams.

See what the buzz is all about to spark the next great viral trend! Favorite fads are all the rage for kids around the world and are a fun way to pick up a new perspective on learning. Action heroes, comics, toys, video games, cartoon characters, and the latest dance craze all come alive to celebrate positive values and express individuality with friends.

Get on your mark, get set, and get going! Some healthy competition and the power of physical activity will strengthen your self image. Good sportsmanship, team work, coordination and perseverance all come into play in a dynamic way. Tackling physical and mental challenges with game shows, popular sports, and even sneaker designs are sure to be a grand slam!

Take an epic spin around the globe to reveal the awesomeness of nature! Science, technology, extreme weather, precarious plants, amazing animals, and the rainbow spectrum will turn this quest into a new view on protecting the environment.

Experience exclusive access into the world of theater! Everything from skits, improv, and dramas are on the playbill. Create your own characters during a puppet workshop. Showcase your talents by staging an original playhouse production inspired by your favorite literature. Bring your story to life and create your own stage presence. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Let your mind turn upside down and inside out as you whirl through a wormhole, slipping through time, and pivoting between the past, present, and future. Experiencing the age of the dinosaur, the rule of the Mayan Kings and King Arthur and the Knights of his Round table are just some of the “jumps” to be made through time and space. Everyone will be watching for insights from the past to help with what we want for our future.

Explore life in the vast depths of the ocean with everything from the facts to the fictional stories. As an oceanographer, you will reveal how the mysteries of marine life affect our environment. As an artist, you will create the beauty of jelly fish in a hanging sculpture. As a scientist, you will examine the ocean tides and how sound travels through water. What lies under the sea is a fascinating journey.

Make toys and clay come to life right before your eyes! Explore simple forms of video animation using stop-motion techniques. All that’s needed is an imagination and some innovative STEAM thinking. Applying science, technology, and engineering skills with an artist’s flair will be the flavor of these activities.

Fiddle around with the parts of common gadgets and materials to invent your own original creation. Tinkering with stuff is a wonderful way to “build a better mousetrap” and design new inventions from reusable parts. You will get a chance to examine simple robotics, create products that have imaginative uses, and showcase your talents of invention.

Search for answers to a few of the world’s most dazzling marvels and mysteries such as the Aurora Borealis – science or fairy dust? The Egyptian pyramid writings, the Stonehenge boulders, and the mysterious crop circle designs are a few of the topics to be tackled. Decide what kind of encryptions you may want to leave for future generations to decipher.

Feel at home with a new perspective and make incredible friends along the way. See that even though families have different homes and customs, kids have a whole lot in common no matter where in the world they are. Designing a model of the ultimate playhouse, creating art and cuisine, and playing games like kids around the globe will make you want to invite the entire world over to play!

Contact us for specific details on weekly themes, exciting field trips, and full schedule!

VIDEO: Kids 'R' Kids promotes the 2019 Summer Camp that "Redefines Summer"


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