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Chores for Kids Don’t Have to Be a Chore for Parents

Chores can help children learn responsibility. However, establishing an effective chore system requires some effort from parents. We put together a list of pitfalls for parents to avoid when it comes to chores.

Don’t be stingy with praise. Don’t wait until your child is finished with a chore to praise him or her for a job well done. Encourage your child throughout the process and congratulate progress! Praise is often a better motivator than money.

Don’t insist on perfection. Your child is still learning what “clean” really means, so don’t be hard on him or her when there are still streaks on the window and dust in the corners. And by no means, don’t jump in and do the chore instead of your child. That undermines the whole point of chores!

Don’t make chores boring. Turn on some music or make a game out of it! Laugh and dance as you put away toys, sort dirty laundry, and load the dishwasher. Doing so teaches children that responsibility can be fun.

Don’t wait too long. Some parents think their children are too young for chores. However, there are plenty of age-appropriate tasks even your two-year-old can do!

Don’t be inconsistent. Establishing a chore system for children can feel like a chore for adults. As a parent, remind yourself to remind your child about chores. When you don’t set clear expectations and or follow through, you are communicating to your child that chores are not really that important. If chores are important to you, they will become important to your child.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we make sure children are cared for and nurtured in an age-appropriate environment that fosters the process of learning responsibility. We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children that make even chores a fun classroom activity!