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Now Enrolling for the 2024/2025 School Year!

Limited Spots Available!

Unlock Success in our Kindergarten Prep/ Transitional Preschool Program

Don’t Waste Another Year in Preschool! Enroll your child in our innovative Transitional Kindergarten Experience at Kids ‘R’ Kids Clayton today. The program rate is $299 per week.

Prepare for Success: Our unique program blends the best of preschool and kindergarten education, ensuring your child learns exactly what they need to excel in kindergarten and beyond.

Comprehensive Curriculum: We cover all the essential skills for kindergarten success, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and more.

Expert Guidance: Our experienced educators provide personalized attention, adapting teaching methods to suit each child’s learning style and pace.

Nurturing Environment: Discover a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children feel supported, challenged, and motivated to learn every day.

Holistic Development: In addition to academic skills, our program fosters creativity, social-emotional growth, and physical development through art, play, and hands-on activities.

Learn Aside Our Private Kindergarten Class: Benefit from our integrated approach where children in our hybrid program learn alongside our private kindergarten class, ensuring they receive the highest quality education and preparation for their academic journey.

Enroll Early- Don’t Miss Out on Our Bridge Gap Summer Camp! Secure your child’s spot early and give them the opportunity to meet new friends before the start of the new school year at Kids ‘R’ Kids Clayton.

Summer Fun: Our Bridge Gap Summer Camp is the perfect way for new students to transition smoothly into our program while enjoying exciting summer activities and making lasting friendships.

Give your child the best start on their educational journey. Enroll now and experience the difference at Kids R Kids Clayton! Contact us at 919-550-8864 for more information!