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Preschoolers and New Sports

Preschoolers and New Sports at Kids 'R' Kids Charlotte, childcare, daycare, preschool, learning academy

Being in preschool opens up many new doors to fun activities and friendships for your child. If your child loves being outside, is extremely active, or enjoys group activities, you should definitely look into signing up for a new sport. Here are some steps to take when considering enrolling your preschooler in a sport.

Discuss it

Getting feedback from your child before any major changes are made is imperative. Watch a baseball game on tv and ask if they think playing would be fun. Take them to a neighborhood game and see how they respond—or go to the park and play with them and some of their friends and their families. If they respond positively to these activities and questions, it’s a good sign that they’re ready to take on a new activity. Sometimes children immediately respond negatively to the intimidation of a new activity. Ask them about their concerns before jumping to conclusions. If their fear is “What if I won’t be good at it?” you can encourage them that there’s nothing to be afraid of and to try something new.

Start small

Depending on the child, you may want to take smaller steps with their new sport. Play in the backyard a few days a week or invite some friends over to play to ease your child into whatever activity they’re interested in. When they’re ready for the real deal, do some research to find out if any of their classmates or friends are already on a team. The more familiarity, the easier it will be for your child to transition. Maybe a trusted parent or a familiar teacher coaches a local team.

Always make it fun

With sports come rules, competition, and the concept of winning and losing. Instill the idea of doing their best, being a good teammate, not giving up, and being a good winner or loser—this will make your child a better person in the long run.

Safety Tips for Babies

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