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Safety Tips for Babies

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As you cuddle your soft, sleeping baby, you realize how precious this child is within in your arms and how determined you are to keep them safe. By knowing how dangerous the world around you can be, you may start to panic over whether you will actually be able to protect your little one. Do not worry, though, as we have provided three tips to protect your baby as you walk through life’s beginning stages with them. Here are some baby safety tips:

1.     Be Aware of Small Objects 

While you may not notice the button or coin you accidentally dropped on the floor, your baby most certainly will. Babies are naturally curious beings and will want to stick anything and everything in their mouths the first chance they get! Remember to keep your cords out of reach and any small objects completely out of their way as these pose hazards to your inquiring baby. 

2.     Be Aware of Fluffy Bedtime Blankets 

As you walk through the store, you may notice an abundance of fluffy, warm blankets within the home aisle. While these items may attract you, they can be extremely dangerous to your baby at bedtime. Multiple studies conducted on fatal infant sleeping accidents have found that fluffy items increase the risk of your baby overheating or entrapping themselves in the middle of the night. It may be best to leave those fluffy blankets at the store for the time being!

3.     Be Aware of Baby Car Safety

No matter if you are in the car alone or with your baby in the backseat, you must always be aware of where your baby is while within your car. Make sure to check behind your car for any small children before you pull away! More specifically for your baby, be sure to keep them away from any direct sunlight, when possible,  and keep those windows closed; their soft skin and little fingers can easily be damaged if you are not constantly aware!

Even if keeping your baby safe feels daunting at some times, know there are many ways to prevent any harm from coming to your baby! Hopefully, these three tips will alleviate some of your worries as you safely care for your baby!

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