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Encouraging Your Preschool Child to Write

Encouraging Your Preschool Child to Write at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

The love of storytelling can be found in your child as early as the age of preschool, and you can encourage it in many ways from reading them new books to gifting them their own journal. If you love writing or want to instill it in your little one, here are some fun activities that will not only inspire the joy of storytelling in your child, but also bring you closer together.

Reading Time

For many children, the love of writing comes from the love of reading. Make time in the day for you and your preschooler to read together on a regular basis. You can even create a “Reading Corner” in your home with comfy pillows and a bookshelf. When reading with your child, ask them at certain points what they think will happen next. This will instill a creative mind and remind them that they can tell stories too.

Trips to the Library

A key factor in teaching your child about writing is allowing them to discover their taste in stories and genres. When you read a book, ask your child what they do or don’t like about it. Take a trip to the library and look for books together—teach them to read the back of the book and let them pick something out themselves. You may be surprised at what they choose!

Regular Writing Exercises

Together, pick out a chapter book that you can read with each other. At good stopping points, ask your child what they think is going to happen next, and the next time you read together, discuss their ending before continuing the book. Compare and contrast what they said with what actually happened—you’d be amazed what stories your child will create just out of these little discussions!

Give them their own journal

Making writing a special experience can change the way your child sees the writing process. Giving them a gift in the form of a journal can show your little one how valued their talents are—make it something specific to them, with their favorite color or character on the cover. Or you can let them decorate their journal themselves. Though they may be too young to write (and, therefore, you will have to write everything down for them) this special place to create new stories can be a fun way to express themselves and bond with you.

However your child responds best to reading and writing is what you should lean into. Don’t try to put too many rules or restrictions on your preschooler’s storytelling process—the more fun it is, the more the creativity will flow!

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