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Getting Ready For Back To School

back to school

It’s hard to believe that it is almost time for our preschoolers to go back to school! For most, back to school means an endless to-do list to get ready for a new school year. To help you with this, we’ve put together a back to school checklist for you and your preschooler!

One Month Before School Starts:

●Make sure your child is caught up on all shots, wellness check-ups, dentist, and eye doctor appointments. It’s easier to find time for these before the busyness of school begins.

●Take inventory of your child’s school clothing. Get rid of what doesn’t fit and go shopping for whatever gaps you need to fill. Don’t forget about shoes!

●Start looking for a backpack, lunchbox, and any school supplies your child may need. Most teachers provide a list, and you’ll want to get some supplies to keep at home for homework, too.

Two Weeks Before School Starts:

●Start getting your child back on their school year bedtime routine! These extra couple weeks will help the first week of school to go more smoothly.

●Schedule a haircut for your child if they need one before school starts.

●Stock up on snacks and drinks for lunches! Include your child in the selection, and take some time to teach them about healthy snacks that will fuel them for a day at school. Don’t forget things like sandwich bags, napkins, and plastic silverware when you are shopping!

The Night Before School Starts:

●Locate your camera and make sure it’s charged for first day of school pictures!

●Pack your child’s lunch and any snacks they might need so you don’t have to do it the morning of school.

●Help your child pick a first day of school outfit and lay it out to make getting ready a breeze!

●Don’t forget to set your alarm and give yourself plenty of time to walk them in on their first day!

Sending your child back to school is an exciting time. Enjoy the first day back and don’t forget your camera!

There are countless factors to consider when looking for the right preschool. Use our Comparison Checklist to cover all of your bases and make the right decision for you and your family!

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