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Early Money Skills for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids of Waterside, Preschool. Childcare, daycareIt can be quite intimidating to cover important life skills with your young preschooler.

Teaching money skills, for example, can be a daunting task. Where should someone even begin? How much detail should someone cover? Here are some ways to teach early money skills to your preschooler:

Use hands-on activities to teach any money skill that you desire. 

For example, if your desired skill is about buying something you have the money for, you can set up a play store at home. You and your preschooler can put on price tags and then play store together. You can give your child a certain amount of play money. Your child can then run around trying to find something for that amount of money in your play store. 

Shop around at local garage sales. 

You can give your child a desired amount of real money to then apply what you did in your play store at home. Remind your child that they can only purchase something with that amount of money (or less). 

Read child-friendly money books. 

Examples include “Money for the Circus” by Naturee Hutchinson or “The Plastic Rectangle: A Children’s Book About Money” by Katie Friedman.

Let your preschooler pick out (or create) a piggy bank. 

Though your child may not be ready to learn the value of each coin, together you and your child can talk through the value of saving money. You could also work together to categorize the different types of coins that are found in the piggy bank.

Teach your preschooler the difference between needs and wants. 

Taking the time to teach the difference between needs and wants can help your child learn that it is not wise to spend money on just anything or at any time. 

Not to worry, it will take years (and years) for your preschooler to get a firm handle on all the necessary money skills for life. The key now is to keep money skills fun and lighthearted so that further skills can be built upon further down the road. 

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