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Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room

Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

Is it stressful to deal with your preschooler’s room? Take heart, keeping a preschooler’s room organized is a difficult thing for most people to conquer! Here are some tips for organizing your preschooler’s room:

Consider your equipment and stick with your plan.

Do you have the space or equipment for specific shelving units? This will look completely different for each family. Creatively work with what you have and with what is in your budget. There is no right or wrong way to use organizers/shelving. The key is to develop a plan and stick with where you want your preschooler’s things to “rest” at the end of the day.

Label organization cubes with pictures.

If you use organization equipment that involves cubes, you can create labels for the cubes using pictures. Your child will not be able to read big words, but you can help your preschooler know what goes in each cube by looking for the right type of picture.

Do a little bit at a time.

Once you develop your family’s organizing plan, work with your preschooler each day to put things back in their “resting spots” before bedtime. Doing just a little bit at a time can help curb frustrations for everyone involved.

Have a miscellaneous “treasure box.”

Thrift stores or consignment stores may have an inexpensive box/chest that you and your preschooler can turn into a “treasure box.” This “treasure box” can house all the small toys and contraptions that wind up all over your child’s bedroom. Throughout the day, you can ask your preschooler to run and put “x, y, z” in their treasure box. Once a week or month, you could go through the box and reorganize where those small toys could go.

An organizing system may continue to look very different over the next several years. The key is to allow your preschooler to have the practice putting things in the right spots, based on your chosen system at the time. 

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