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    DIY Instruments for Preschoolers

    DIY Instruments for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, childcare, daycare

    Let’s talk about music for a minute.  Everyone enjoys music to some extent.  It can be relaxing, invigorating, and educational.  Studies have shown music to be a helpful learning tool and helps in brain development, so why not let your preschooler explore with some homemade instruments?  

    Plastic Egg Maracas

    You will need a plastic egg, two disposable spoons of the same size, strong tape, and dry beans or rice.  Begin by placing a small amount of dry beans or rice into the egg.  Test out the sound and add or remove the contents to achieve the desired sound.  Seal the egg and add a strip of tape to keep it from breaking open.  Place the egg into one concave side of a spoon and cover it with the other spoon.  The egg should be resting in the concaves of the two spoons.  Tape the egg in place and tape around the handles of the spoons to secure them into place.  Now let your preschooler shake away and make some music!

    Tin Can Drum

    Using a tin can with a pull tab, a balloon, rubber bands, and some sort of drum sticks, you and your preschooler can create a fun drum.  Please make sure to check the can for sharp edges prior to beginning.  Cut the end off the balloon and stretch it over the opening of the can, secure the balloon with a couple rubber bands.  Choose your drum sticks (i.e. small sticks from outside, chopsticks) and have fun making music with your preschooler!  Your preschooler may also enjoy decorating the can to make their drum extra festive.  

    Paper Plate Tambourines

    Give your preschooler two paper or styrofoam plates and allow them to decorate the bottoms of the plates.  Next, help your child with adding dry beans or pasta to the top side of one plate.  Place the other plate upside down on the first plate and staple around the edges to keep the contents inside.  

    Please keep in mind choking hazards with all these DIY musical instruments.  Many of the items used above are not preschooler friendly alone and adult supervision is required.  Have fun making beautiful music with your preschooler!

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