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Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers

Outer Space Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

Do you have a space obsessed preschooler? Many young children are fascinated by outer space, the moon, and astronauts. Blast off with these space-themed activities!

Space Bath

Materials Needed: washcloths, water, bubbles

*This one can be a little messy, so you might want to go outside and use a water hose or take a pitcher full of water.

When in space, everything floats because there is no gravity. Therefore, astronauts cannot take a bath. Instead, they take sponge baths. Wet a washcloth (do not wring it out) and have your preschooler try to wash their face and hands.  What happens to the water that drips out? It falls into the sink or onto the ground because of gravity. Next, have your preschooler lay on the floor and wash their faces with a wet washcloth. What happens to the water that drips out? It drips down their faces and all over the floor because of gravity! In space, those drops would float around the room like bubbles! Finally, blow some bubbles and have your child try to catch them and use them to “wash” their hands. What would it be like to try to bathe in space where there is no gravity?

Space Pudding 

Materials Needed: instant pudding (any flavor), milk, zip top bag

Speaking of no gravity, astronauts eat many meals out of a bag because the lack of gravity makes their food float around instead of staying on their plate. Put 1 tablespoon of instant pudding in a zip top bag. Add 1/4 cup of milk. Close the bag and then squish up the pudding mix. Poke a hole in the bag and suck it out. 

Space Name Rockets 

Materials needed: construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons

Turn your name into a rocket ship! Cut out (or have your preschooler cut) enough squares for each letter of his name. Invite your preschooler to write one letter from his name on each square. Glue the squares to a different piece of construction paper. Add a triangle tip at the top of the letter squares. Decorate the ship and add some flames to the bottom by drawing with crayons. Now, your preschooler can practice spelling his name with a rocket! 

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