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Letters and Sounds: A Fun Guide to Early Literacy for Preschoolers

Early literacy is not just about reading books; it’s about understanding and loving the world of letters and sounds. Here’s a fun-filled guide to introduce your preschoolers to the joy of reading.

1. Alphabet Treasure Hunt: 

Create an alphabet scavenger hunt where they match objects with letters. It’s a playful way to associate letters with words.

2. Story Cubes Game: 

Use story cubes with pictures for them to roll and create their stories. It builds imagination and sequencing skills.

3. Picture-to-Word Connection: 

Make flashcards with pictures and corresponding words. It helps in visual recognition and vocabulary building.

4. Fun with Rhyming Games: 

Play rhyming games or songs that emphasize the sounds in words. It enhances phonemic awareness.

5. Interactive Reading Time: 

Engage them with questions and predictions during reading time. It makes reading an interactive and thinking process.

6. Handwriting Adventures: 

Encourage drawing lines, curves, or shapes. It paves the way for handwriting skills.

7. Family Reading Routine: 

Set a daily family reading routine where everyone shares a book or story. It builds a strong reading culture.


At Kids ‘R’ Kids, our early literacy curriculum is filled with exciting games, stories, and activities, making reading a magical journey. We invite you to be part of this adventure where words become friends, and stories become playgrounds!

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