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Valentine’s Day Activities at Home for Preschoolers

Valentine’s Day Activities at Home for Preschoolers

Valentine’s Day is something many preschoolers look forward to. With treats, parties, and card exchanges, who can blame them!? Due to COVID, though, childcare parties and card exchanges are guaranteed to look quite different this year! Here are some simple ideas you can do with your preschooler at home, though, to help make this year’s Valentine’s Day just as memorable. 

Sensory Play—Only a ‘Lil Messy

A quick trip to your local grocery store will allow for easy and inexpensive entertainment for your child! All you need for this sensory experience are pastel-colored marshmallows and a container of your choosing.

Any grocery store should have a variety of marshmallow sizes and colors. The pastel pack will be fun for your preschooler because it will include Valentine colors!

You first want to fill the container with water. Then, have your child add the marshmallows of their choosing. Your child can then use this sensory bin to put their hands in the container to mash the marshmallows or to play with them using supplies from your kitchen (mixing spoons, bowls, basting brushes, etc).

The marshmallows will wind up becoming a neat texture when wet. 

Quick tip: before you start, you can always put an old towel under the container to help with easier clean-up.

Sensory Play—Not So Messy

 A local dollar store should have the necessary supplies for this activity:

  • Large craft ‘pom poms’
  • Straws
  • Container of any size. (You can have your child decorate this container in a creative way.)

The goal for your preschooler in this activity is to use any Valentine-colored pom poms and have them use the straw to suck each pom pom up to the end of the straw. You then can have your child transfer each pom pom to their decorated container. At the end, you could give your child a small, fun Valentine treat if you want!

For a variation of this activity, you can use any lightweight object that will not be sucked through the straw. Ideally, it will also be Valentine colors! Inexpensive, easy, and fun can take place simultaneously! 

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