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A Guide to Teaching Your Preschooler the Value of Money: Understanding Earning and Spending

Teaching your preschooler about earning and spending money is an essential part of their financial education! In this blog, we will provide a guide on how to teach your preschooler the value of money through understanding earning and spending.

Introduce Chores and Allowance:

Assign age-appropriate chores to your preschooler and tie them to a small allowance! This helps them understand the concept of earning money through work. Discuss the connection between completing chores and receiving payment, emphasizing the value of their efforts.

Create a Savings Goal:

Work with your preschooler to set a savings goal! It could be a toy they want or an experience they wish to have. Help them calculate how much money they need to save and break it down into achievable increments. This teaches them the importance of delayed gratification and goal setting.

Teach Comparison Shopping:

When making purchases, involve your preschooler in the decision-making process! Show them how to compare prices and features of items to make informed choices. Discuss the concept of value for money and the importance of finding the best option within their budget.

Practice Delayed Gratification:

Encourage your preschooler to practice delayed gratification by saving up for something they want instead of making impulsive purchases! Teach them that waiting and saving can lead to a more significant reward and instill patience and discipline in their financial habits.

Discuss Needs vs. Wants:

Engage your preschooler in conversations about needs versus wants! Teach them that needs are essential for survival, such as food, clothing, and shelter, while wants are things we desire but can live without. Help them prioritize needs over wants when making spending decisions.

Support Giving and Charity:

Teach your preschooler about the importance of giving back and helping others! Encourage them to set aside a portion of their money for donation or charity. Engage in discussions about the impact their generosity can have on others and the community.

By teaching your preschooler about earning and spending money, you are instilling important financial values and skills. Through introducing chores and allowance, creating savings goals, teaching comparison shopping, practicing delayed gratification, discussing needs vs. wants, and supporting giving and charity, you are laying the foundation for their financial well-being and responsible money management!

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